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Moving Forward

More Tools to Help You Survive with Confidence
Surviving cancer is no easy undertaking, nor is stepping back into everyday life.
Whether you are dealing with effects of therapy and physical changes or emotional upset, research shows what you already know — cancer causes change.
The overwhelming response to a cancer diagnosis and when treatment is over, is "Now What?" The different sections of this website are designed to help you address the uninvited changes that may have occurred, and to help you reclaim your life.
(Although the focus of the Carolina Well website is on after treatment, much of the information here can apply to initial diagnosis and during treatment. Please click here for support on coping with diagnosis, treatment decision tools, talking with your doctor, and more.)

We hope you'll find the resources below helpful. (Please also visit the Tools for Wellness and Resources Sections of our website) The references below contain excellent information. You can visit the websites and read online, download as a pamphlet, and/or visit the UNC Patient and Family Resource Center to get a copy.

Facing Forward: Life After Cancer is an excellent National Cancer Institute (NCI) resource. It includes lessons learned from other survivors about life after cancer, practical ways of dealing with common problems, and guidelines for managing your physical, social, and emotional health. The information can be read online or downloaded as a pamphlet.

Coping With Cancer: Tools to Help You Live published by CancerCare, includes information on living with cancer, researching your cancer and treatment, finding financial help, dealing with emotional concerns and cancer, and coping tips and helpful resources.

The Cancer Survival Toolbox® Living Beyond Cancer
The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship toolbox helps people develop the skills needed to adapt to life after cancer treatment. It can be listened to, read online, downloaded as a pdf or to order the free CD version of the Toolbox, fill out their form or call 877.NCCS.YES.

CancerCare Telephone Workshops
CancerCare is a national non-profit organization that provides free, professional support services for anyone affected by cancer. For the past seven years CancerCare has partnered with several organizations to bring survivors free, informative telephone workshops addressing a wide range of these issues, The Annual Cancer Survivorship Series: Living With, Through and Beyond Cancer:
Please visit CancerCare for more information about upcoming CancerCare Telephone Workshops, as well as other excellent resources.

NC Health Info — Cancer Survivorship
NC Health Info is an online guide to web sites of quality health and medical information and local health services throughout North Carolina. Designed to meet the needs and interests of North Carolinians, NC Health Info leads users to resources that are reliable and easy to understand. Links on NC Health Info are selected and maintained by North Carolina librarians.