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How We Can Help

You are a cancer survivor from the time of diagnosis!
And as a cancer survivor* or caregiver, you are to be congratulated, cheered, and supported every step of the way forward. We know cancer is not for the faint of heart, and it has taken too much time from too many lives. Seeking support and care can be hard, but as a cancer survivor in North Carolina you now have access to more help through Carolina Well-UNC Lineberger Survivorship Program and the Comprehensive Cancer Support Program (CCSP). We will be working together to provide more support and services during the cancer journey. Let us help you find the resources you need to survive and thrive with confidence and peace of mind.

* We are aware that comfort with the term "survivor" is varied. For some it sounds like a war metaphor, others who are in active treatment or living with metastatic or advanced cancer feel the term does not apply to them, and others see it as a part of their self-identity. For lack of a better term, we will use "survivor" throughout our website.